How it works?

No Phone Line Required

We use Ultrafast Fibre Optics to feed our core transmission points. Then we use radio rather than copper phone lines to connect subscribers to the Buzcom Network. This delivers faster connections to our customers, especially in rural areas. Put simply we bypass the need for a phone line.
Reduce development time

Superfast Speed

The majority of people in the UK have their Broadband service delivered through a phone line. This is the primary reason why people suffer from poor speeds because old fashioned phone lines were originally designed to provide just voice calls. In many areas the copper lines date back several decades. By switching to FibreWiFi you cut out the phone line (saving you more than £150 a year) and are able to reach Superfast speeds and beyond.
Works on all devices

Expanding Rural Network

FibreWiFi is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) carried on the BUZCOM Radio Network covering the East of England with the most extensive network of it's kind.
Providing speeds in excess of 30Mbps our subscribers range from casual browsers through to local businesses and national organisations such as the British Army.

Coverage Map

Our coverage is highlighted in green - If you are outside the area we may still be able to reach you - Click below and we'll check your address for free.

Areas We Cover

FibreWiFi Packages

  • Do you suffer speeds of less than 2 Mb/s?
    You may qualify for a Government Subsidy.

  • £15
    per month
  • FREE Standard Installation
  • 100GB
    monthly data allowance
  • £125
    activation fee
  • £29
    per month
  • FREE Standard Installation
  • 300GB
    monthly data allowance
  • Priority Technical Support
  • £135
    activation fee
Do you own a Holiday Home?
Business Lite
  • £49
    per month ex VAT
  • FREE Standard Installation
  • 500GB
    monthly data allowance
  • 1 Static IP Address
  • An SLA
  • £175
    activation fee ex VAT
Business Dedicated
  • from
    per month ex VAT
  • Totally Unlimited
    monthly data allowance
  • 5 Static IP Addresses
  • An Enhanced SLA
  • from
    £995 Installation
    ex VAT
  • £195
    activation fee ex VAT

Can I Receive FibreWiFi ?