Case Studies


Carver Barracks is a British Army base near Saffron Walden in Essex.

The site is home to 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD), 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), Headquarters Essex Wing, Air Training Corps and Saffron Walden Detachment, B Company, and Essex Army Cadet Force.

The soldiers and their families in and around the site had suffered for years with inadequate communications. Poor Broadband speeds and non existent Mobile Phone signals were the order of the day for people who are asked to put their life on the line for this country on a regular basis.

Early in 2013 FibreWiFi attended a meeting where the sole item on the agenda focussed on what the next twelve months might hold for improvements in communications at the base.

No assurances were forthcoming over the extent of improvements that might come about through copper phone lines so the Army turned to FibreWiFi to solve their problem.

Over the next few months FibreWiFi installed it's high speed Radio Broadband equipment across the site resulting in soldiers being able to dispense with their slow phone line Broadband which was giving them speeds of less than 2Mb/s at at cost of more than £30 a month, and instead they are now able to connect to FibreWiFi for just £15 a month on a 30 day contract with just a £40 set up fee.

The network has transformed the life of the soldiers, in the past they would need to hang out of a window in order to receive a mobile phone signal, now they can connect in common and private areas, something people in town centres take for granted.

Major A S MacGill RE BEng (Hons), Second in Command 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) Carver Barracks commented, "We have 4 Buzcom Wifi Hotspots within Carver Barracks and they have proved to be exceptionally good. The capacity has seen us get well above 12 Mbps and up to 20 Mbps. Other companies could only offer 1-3 Mbps. The cost is exceptionally affordable and on balance it was deemed a very competitive and affordable solution."

All Saints Church, Messing.

Messing-cum-Inworth is a parish in north-east Essex, 8.5 miles west of Colchester, and 15 miles east of Chelmsford. The parish consists of two small villages; Messing (population 250), and Inworth (population 100).

For a number of years the local residents had suffered with slow Broadband through their old fashioned copper telephone lines. The Parish Council decided to act and asked different companies for proposals. After careful consideration they chose FibreWiFi.

The installation on top of Messing Church required meticulous planning and negotiations between the local Parochial Church Council and the Diocese of Chelmsford, FibreWiFi was there every step of the way to ensure all parties were happy with the scheme to deliver Superfast Broadband to the area.

The PCC at Messing commented; "We are more than happy with the service we receive from FibreWiFi and, as a rural community, this has been the quickest and easiest way to improve our broadband service."