Holiday Homes

Owners of Holiday Homes are eligible for a special rate.

Customers requiring access for seven months in a calendar year beginning January 1st are charged £275 in year one which includes free standard installation and activation. Then in year two going forward the fee is £125 (price subject to annual review).

Customers requiring access to the FibreWiFi service for between eight and twelve months in a calendar year, starting January 1st, are charged £315 in year one (which includes installation and activation) and £165 in year two going forward (price subject to annual review).

Should customers wish to spread payments then they have the option of paying monthly over twelve instalments from year two onwards starting at £15 per month: FibreWiFi Pricing

Our standard Terms and Conditions of use apply. All prices include VAT unless otherwise indicated.

The Holiday Homes package comes with a 100GB monthly data allowance and offers maximum upload and download speeds of 15Mb/s. Additional data bundles can be purchased. FibreWiFi can provide an Internal Wireless Access Point for £49.

A Holiday Homes Booster can be purchased for a one off payment of £75 per year which includes Unlimited Usage, and where available a free upgrade to Superfast Speeds. Please note the special Holiday Homes rate only applies to static caravan and leisure parks.

Can I Receive FibreWiFi ?