FibreWiFi is a Registered Supplier for the UK Government's Universal Broadband Voucher Scheme.

Designed to deliver 10 Mb/s to areas currently receiving less than 2 Mb/s the scheme will work alongside the national Superfast rollout to ensure that all areas remain covered by the UK Government commitment to offer an improved service to those unable to access Superfast speeds.

FibreWiFi is offering the following package at £24 per month to customers in qualifying postcode areas:


10 Mb/s up & 10 Mb/s down {Maximum Speeds}

200GB Monthly usage allowance

12 month agreement

Installation £49

Activation (one off charge): £45
Includes Indoor WiFi Access Device

Additional speed (where available): £1 per 1 Mb/s

Additional usage (beyond 200GB): £5 per 10GB